FAQs About 10 Years China Visa For U.S And Canada Passport Holder

Who is eligible for 10 years China visa?
Only for US passport holder. Only possible for M, L, Q2, S2 visa. Canadian passport holder may also be granted for multiple years visa up to 10 years.

Is there condition for 10 years visa?
The minimum condition is: passport has more than 12 months validity and has at least 2 blank visa pages. Duration of stay needed is no more than 60 days/per visit for M or L Visa. If you need over 60 days stay, Chinese Consulate will issue only up to 1 year visa. For Canadian passport holder, validity of China visa won’t exceed validity of the passport.

Do you guarantee 10 years visa?
Although 10 years visa is likely for US passport holder, no one can guarantee it. Chinese Consulate makes final decision. There are common scenarios under which Chinese Consulate is reluctant to issue 10 years visa. These scenarios include but are not limited to: your passport doesn’t have more than 12 months validity left; your passport doesn’t have at least 2 blank visa pages left; you are applying for visa type other than M, L, S2 or Q2; your trip purpose is for research, scientific, academic and cultural exchange; the duration of stay requested is longer than usual; your profession is considered sensitive such as: military personal, religious worker, politician, writer, photographer, film maker, media staff, etc.