Reasons For China Visa Rejection And It’s Consequences

Information about China visa refusal, or visa denial, provides applicants with the visa application criteria and the analysis of different reasons for refusal.

Popular reasons for China visa rejection:

1 – Passport validity is less than 6 months.

2 – Photo not according to embassy requirements.

3 – Fake flight ticket.

4 – Not enough supporting documents.

5 – Passport got watermarks or passport page got torn off. (Note: need to renew new passport)

6 – Incomplete visa form.

Consequences: None. Can reapply China Visa again.

7 – Do not holding Malaysia long term stay visa such as work/ student/ spouse/dependent/ MM2H/ Maid visa for Non Malaysia passport holder.

8 – Passport from high risk countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Arab continent and Africa continent.

Consequences: None. Need to apply in home country.

9 – Fake supporting documents.

Consequences: Banned for three to six months. Can reapply after six months.

10 – Overstay.

11 – Criminal record.

Consequences: Lifetime banned.