China Visa Application Form

Download China Visa Application Form

China Visa Application Form Instructions

Please refer to the following step by step instructions when completing the visa application form for the People’s Republic of China.

Click here to download application form, which must be completely filled, signed and dated. One form per applicant. Do not leave any areas blank but instead write “N/A” if you don’t have answer to a question, or if the question does not apply to you. Click here to view how to fill China visa form  or See sample

NOTE: Please fill in visa form using a fountain pen (ink pen). Blue or black colour is acceptable. Ballpen is prohibited.


Try and complete the form yourself. If someone is completing the form on your behalf, ask them to accurately fill in their details including country code for the phone number.

It is very important that you complete the form accurately and truthfully. Any failure to do so may result in your visa being delayed or even rejected, which can adversely affect your placement. See reasons for Chinese visa rejection. The visa form has a couple of quirks so please do pay careful attention. If you make any errors on the form you will be required to fill it in again, so please try to fill it in correctly first time.

If you should have any questions while completing the form, don’t hesitate to contact us on.

China Visa – Photo Requirements

Two color photos, with a plain white background, taken by a professional passport photo service. Photos printed on regular papers are not accepted. Please check the exact photo requirements from the Embassy website, shown here China Visa – Photo Requirements PDF. You may print this PDF to bring with you when having your photo taken.

Sample Of Rejected Photos for China Visa Application